Uncivil Procedure
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Uncivil Procedure—a monthly podcast—features informal discussion of recent and relevant case law between Relativity team members and attorneys from the Relativity community, amusing game segments, and banter. Join the conversation on social media using #UncivilProcedure.

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    3: Technology-Assisted Review

    The Honorable Andrew J. Peck joins the Relativity crew for this month’s episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast, discussing one of his best-known areas of judicial decision-making: technology-assisted review. At what point will the legal profession fully get on board with this tech—and will they be too late? What’s Judge Peck’s ruling on whether online gaming meets the definition of human contact? Is Constantine “original?” Give this a listen to find out.

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    2: Proportionality

    Proportionality is our theme for Episode 2, and Jay Carle of Seyfarth Shaw LLP is our guest. Give a listen as the cast argues with small children, discovers how many laundromats are in Barcelona, and predicts why a self-aware virtual assistant might sue the whole world just 10 short years from now. You might also learn a thing or two about why “you can’t always get what you want” in litigation. Sponsored by JND eDiscovery.

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    1: Innovation

    In our inaugural episode, the Relativity gang is joined by guest Tim Kennedy of McDermott Will & Emery LLP. The topic of the day is innovation (RIP Bates stamp), which somehow has to do with a law firm called Wang, hand models, and Hot Wheels. Cases discussed include Carpenter v. United States and LabMD, Inc. v. FTC.

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